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Cover for Rastin of Obedad  

Rastin of Obedad

Young Adult Novel
81,000 words
Status: Manuscript ready for submission

Steampunk meets Arabian Nights
Rastin is a 20 year old street orphan in the city of Obedad, where he eeks out a meager existence carrying loads from the marketplace to the docks. He loves Deeba, a slave girl belonging to an old harpy of a widow who has beaten Deeba for giving bread to Rastin. He wishes he could buy her freedom but that is only a dream, he often can not even feed himself.

A dishonest merchant cheats Rastin out of his pitiful wages and all Rastin has to show for his work is a tiny little bottle that dropped out of a basket he was carrying. He tries to clean it up, hoping to trade it for a piece of moldy bread, and rubs it on his clothes. Out comes some smoke and a small person who introduces himself as Sodi.

"Are you a jinni?" asks Ahmed.

"No. I don't think so. But I will serve you as long as you keep my bottle."


Cover for MindQuest Regime  

MindQuest Regime

Young Adult Novel
70,000 words
Status: Manuscript ready for submission

IAK 902 lives in the Regime, a completely militarized society where children are given a name-rank at birth. Everything is regulated and controlled by the Regime, even what subjects may be studied by scientists. As a university student, IAK has a passion to understand how people's minds work. He jumps at the chance to experiment in mental telepathy with NOLAD, one of his professors, even though it's an illegal Off Limits subject. IAK must keep this secret, even from his girlfriend, JAN, who is the NOLAD's daughter. JAN finds out about their experiments and breaks up with IAK for keeping such a secret from her. Telepathy experiments got her mother killed years before.
   The secret police arrest IAK and the professor for their illegal studies. They are tried, Regime style, where their guilt is presumed and not contested. MALDARDREDEX, The head of the secret police is NOLAD's old rival for JAN's mother and takes revenge on NOLAD, getting his puppet judge to condemn the would-be telepaths to death in his own illegal Off Limits experiment. They try to resist the execution by linking telepathically but two of them die anyway. Somehow it doesn't kill IAK but his mind is changed in a way he could never have imagined.