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Success in the Arts by A. Michael Shumate

A Gift for All Aspiring Artists: Writers, Musicians, Filmmakers, Visual Artists, Dancers, Actors
• Save years of trial and error
• Avoid the common pitfalls of creative careers
• A mentor in a book


Learn to answer
these essential questions:

What factors contribute most to success in the arts?
Do you have enough talent?
What do you need besides talent?
What are the myths about creativity?
What is real creativity and how do you cultivate it?
How do you get through tough times?
How do you deal with criticism?
How do you “get the breaks” in your field?
What foundation principles don’t change?
How do you hang on to the important things in life?
How do you keep from “selling your soul?”
What if you don’t make it?


Partial Table of Contents
• Everybody has some talents   • The Magic of Talent   • Inclination, Aptitude and Skill   • Talent and Tangent Skills  
• Craft   • Discover Your Talents  
• Nurture or Nature?   • Models of Talent   • What is Creativity?  
• Brainstorming   • Thinking Outside the Box   • Using Your Back Burner  
• Using Your Smarts   • Learning Tricks   • Seek a Mentor   • Cultivate Challenging Peers   • Conventions, Rules and Principles   • Popular Art or Purist?   • Getting the Breaks  
• Underestimating Your Profession  
• Work Your Plan   • The Art of Sacrifice   • Marketing Yourself  
• Attitude Equals Altitude   • Aim for the Top   • Networking  • Finding Your Own Voice   • Never Stop Learning   • Prima Donna or Professional   • Paying Your Dues   • Stretching Yourself   • You Gotta Have Heart   • Facing Criticism  
• Life As Art   • No One Wants to be a Wannabe   • Don’t give up   • What If I Don’t Make It?  

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