What Others Say About "Success In The Arts"


"This short and very readable book... Although mildly motivational, it lacks the pretense of many motivational books. It concentrates mainly on the ideas and attitudes will help an aspiring artist actually to become an artist and includes a few excellent quotes. Shumate addresses all practitioners of the arts, including visual artists, actors, writers, and musicians. There is a lot of good common sense in this book, which is necessary these days because common sense is in such short supply. Shumate urges people to work hard at their art, and to practice virtue and eschew the tendency to feel sorry for oneself, or to focus too heavily on oneself. In this day and age, this is sound advice because in many places, schools train prima donnas, not achievers."
    --By Pat Goltz: digital artist and web designer, homeschooler and cofounder of Feminists for Life.
"This is a witty, easy-to-read book, with practical advice for those trying to break into the arts. It's well worth the investment."
    --By Maureen C. Rauscher
"What a great mentor Michael Shumate would be for anyone planning a career in the arts! It is quite clear that he has good advice developed over a long and successful career. I especially liked the part about "the Grand Poo-Bah": a bit whimsical, but it gets the point across with humor. If he can't be your mentor in person, then his book is next best. He is always clear, down-to-earth, and honest. You can read the book in an afternoon. It's a great investment for anyone in the target audience."
    --By L. Whitehead
"Michael Shumate gives extremely insightful and relevant advice in a sometimes confusing career path. Unfortunately, being successful in the arts isn't as straightforward as some other professions (go to the right school, maintain a good GPA, get a solid internship). He suggests that if you have two of these three traits, you MIGHT make it:
I've personally seen the road to a successful career in the arts littered with people lacking a few of these traits (yes, even very talented people). Definitely worth a read if you or someone you know is considering a career in the arts."
    --By B. Porter
"I found "Success In The Arts: What it Takes to Make It In Creative Fields" to be an entertaining, interesting and informative book which should help any aspiring artist, whatever their chosen field in the arts, to avoid the pitfalls that have swallowed the less fortunate.
   "With a wealth of experience as a creative illustrator and graphic designer, Michael has paid his dues, and reaped the rewards in his creative field.
   "He makes it abundantly clear in his book that talent alone is no guarantee for success in the arts. Indeed, latent talent may not even be the most important requirement. The book is divided into three parts, each of which cover the three major components necessary to make a success in creative fields - these are: talent, heart, and smarts. Each is very clearly explained in detail, with pearls of wisdom on just about every page.
   "Success In The Arts: What it Takes to Make It In Creative Fields" will make a valuable resource for anyone with ideas of using their creative ability to survive in the demanding world of artistic endeavour; but it goes a lot deeper too. This book certainly is a valuable guide for life in the arts, and in the process, Michael wrote a guide for the art of life, too."
    --By David Ambrose "Author: 'Your Life Manual