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Pro Know-How™ is a trademark of Elfstone Press

Pro Know-How™ Books are not written for dummies or for complete idiots. Instead, they are written by experienced professionals for people who have aspirations to acquire skills at a professional level through study and applied effort.


Logo THeory: How Branding Design Really Works

Available in print
June 7


Logo Theory:
How Branding Design Really Works

Can we learn why certain corporate identities have been used for decades, some for more than half a century, and still look contemporary, while others look dated and tired in only a few years?
Are there principles of identity design that don’t change, principles that transcend fad and fashion?
Are there really only four different kinds of corporate identity concepts? Does it matter?
Are there visual techniques to turn a common concept into an uncommon, even remarkable identity?
Can the Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design be avoided?
Can these things be learned without years of fruitless trial and error?
With clear, real world examples, the answers are all provided in this book. You’ll see with your own eyes concepts and principles not found in any other book on corporate identity design. And they work.

    table of contents 
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Success In The Arts
Finalist for the Indie Excellence Award

Success In The Arts
What It Takes to Make It In Creative Fields

An essential book for any person in or considering any of the arts as a profession:
Music, Dance, Acting, Film, Writing or the Visual Arts

Cut through the clutter and pretenses surrounding the arts.
Get real-world counsel for anyone going into artistic careers
and get it in a light-hearted and often humorous way.

Learn the answers to these essential questions:
What qualities promote success in the arts?
How do you know if you have enough talent?
What do you need besides talent?
What are the myths about creativity?
What is real creativity and how do you cultivate it?
How do you get through tough times?
How do you deal with criticism?
How do you “get the breaks” in your field?
What foundation principles don’t change?
How do you hang on to the important things in life?
How do you keep from “selling your soul?”
What if you don’t make it?

    table of contents 
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Future Pro Know-How™ Books

The True-Color Book  

The True-Color Book
The Theory and Practice of How Color Really Works

Status: Outline ready, 264 illustrations ready
This book gives the reader an understanding of many of the amazing facets of the world of color,some not found in any other books on color. It also provides the tools to show the user how to have a genuine facility in using color in real situations. This book is for any visual artist and especially for graphic designers.

  Outline: "The True-Color Book" 
Additive Color   Insect Eye   Human Eye   Opponent Theory
Vanishing and Vibrating   Wide Analogous   Fluorescent Ink   Premixed Ink
Corporate Identity Manuals  

Corporate Identity Manuals
Status: Outline ready, 38 illustrations ready
With the digital tools at our disposal, corporate identity manuals are now relatively inexpensive to produce and distribute. At the same time those same digital tools give people with no design ability at all the power to use (or abuse) almost any company's identity. Gone are the days when only large companies have corporate identity manuals, consequently designing them has become a mainstream activity. This book covers all of the principles for designing effective and professional corporate identity manuals.

  Outline: "corporate identity manuals" 
CorpIDMan1   CorpIDMan2   CorpIDMan3   CorpIDMan4
CorpIDMan5   CorpIDMan6   CorpIDMan7   CorpIDMan8