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  Picture Books by A. Michael Shumate  

While I have worked professionally in virtually all illustration media,
all of these were created on the computer, each in a different style and "digital media."
Therefore, no paints or brushes were injured in the making of these books. :)


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Rtilda's Brood

Ratilda's children are almost grown and need to learn how to get water at the river. The trip has many dangers, especially for the smallest, little Pooftie.

The First Christmas Tree

A long time ago in a forest far away a little pine tree saw angels appear to shepherds and announce the birth of a new king. What can he give the newborn babe?

Princess Foo and Bizaboo

Princess Foo wants to find a fabeled treasure hidden in a haunted castle. She searches everywhere but cannot find it until she meets a friendly ghost who helps her.


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