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    Middle Grade      

Professor Kidd and the Fossil Friends

Middle Grade Novel
56,000 words
Status: Manuscript ready

Nathan Kidd, known to friend and foe as Professor Kidd has a rich life at Cobbledick Castle, where his father is a real professor at the only medieval college in modern America. Nathan's not going to let Bruce, a heavy duty bully two years his senior, ruin it for him. But everything Nathan tries backfires and Bruce hates Nathan more than ever for reasons of his own.
    Nathan loves conducting his scientific experiments well beyond his age of eleven. One evening while capturing a lightning bug, it accidentally gets struck by a blast of real lightening. But instead of being killed, Sparky, now a fundamentally changed lightning bug, has amazing new abilities, especially when he emits his flashing light.
    With Sparky and his best friend Bethany, Nathan embarks on several unexpected adventures, including being shrunk down to Sparky's bug size and traveling back into the prehistoric past, trying to keep one step ahead of Bruce.