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“At last somebody actually understands what identity design is all about and how it is accomplished.”
– Ivan Chermayeff
Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv


Logo Theory:
How Branding Design Really Works

Why do some identities last for decades, even more than half a century, while others last only a few years?
Are there principles of identity design that don’t change, principles that transcend fad and fashion?
Are there really only four different kinds of corporate identity concepts?
What techniques can turn a common concept into a remarkable logo?
Can the Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design be avoided?
Can these things be learned without years of trial and error?
With real world examples, the answers are all provided in this book. See with your own eyes concepts and principles not found in any other book on corporate identity design. And they work.


Partial Table of Contents
Branding Fundamentals
• A brief Overview of Branding History
• Evolution of High Profile Identities
• Great Designers of the Last Century
Generating Concepts
• Corporate Identity Components
• Identity Concepts: Corporate Activity
• Identity Concepts: Corporate Ideals
• Identity Concepts: Corporate Name
• Identity Concepts: Abstract
• Knowing Your Client
• Self-Brainstorming
Seven Deadly Sins of Logo Design
• #1: Can’t Work in Black Only
• #2: Lack of Mass
• #3: Obscure Contrast
• #4: Wayward, Parts Out of Harmony
• #5: Overlapping Elements
• #6: Unrefined Shapes
• #7: Tiny Elements, Thin Lines
• Color, Typographic & Spatial Issues
• Logo and Signature: Color Basics
• Advanced Color Issues for Iden

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• Logos: Corporate Activity
• Logos: Corporate Ideals
• Logos: Corporate Name
• Logos: Abstract
• Logos: Wordmarks
• Logos: Monograms
• Logos: Development
• Logos: Bad
• Logos: Animals
• Logos: Negative Shapes


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