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  Work in Development  

My highest aspiration in writing is novels. These works are intended for traditional publishing.
One might well ask, if these books are not yet published, why do they have covers?
The answer is that i have been a graphic designer and illustrator for most of my life and I just can't help myself.

  DragonSlayer's Squire by A. Michael Shumate  

DragonSlayer's Squire
Young Adult
Tem figures he has the second-best job in the world as his father's assistant beast-master at Arcand Academy of Alchemy. At the request of his father's friend, he goes on a secret mission. He must leave the academy, which he loves, and Avi, his best friend growing up. She is becoming something more to him. The mission is to protect a very old dragon who is about to lay her last clutch of eggs. They feed her giant worms, giant spiders that they must hunt. They also defend her against a group of knights that wish to kill her.

  MindQuest Regime by A. Michael Shumate  

MindQuest Regime
Young Adult
The Regime, a totally militarized society where all get a name-rank at birth: IAK 902 has a passion to know how our minds work, illegally experiments in mental telepathy. IAK and his fellow experimenters are arrested and condemned. The execution doesn't kill IAK, but enables him to read anyone's mind. Telepathy, more a curse than a blessing, is repulsed by it, he won't try it on his girlfriend JAN, the one person he most wanted to understand. Now, a hunted fugitive, telepathy may be the only way IAK can get himself and JAN, to safety.

  Rastin of Obedad by A.Michael Shumate  

Rastin of Obedad
Young Adult
Persia, 900AD. Rasti, a 20 year old street orphan loves Deeba, a slave girl. But he knows he is so poor, he will probably never earn enough to support a wife, let alone free a woman from slavery. He opposes an alchemist who tries to pass himself off as a genuine sorcerer, repeatedly debunking his faked "magical powers." Rastin finds a jinni. But this jinni can't do anything: can't turn him into a prince, can't bring him a fabulous treasure, can't even bring him some food. But he can see things that others do not.

  Professor Kidd and the Fossil Friends by A. Michael Shumate  

Professor Kidd
and the Fossil Friends

Middle Grade
Nathan Kidd is so smart; most people call him Professor. His dad teaches at Cobbledick College where other friendly professors help Nathan with his never-ending experiments. Life is perfect...except his dad will loose his job and Bruce, an older bully, always picks on him and makes life miserable. One evening while catching a firefly, a sudden thunderstorm comes up and lightning strikes the lightning bug he just caught. From then on, little Sparky's light causes all sorts of bizarre things and the adventures are just beginning.


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